Gordian Servicing Limited a company duly registered in Cyprus with Registration Number HE 430841 (“Gordian Servicing”) manages all loan and credit claims acquired by Gordian Holdings Limited, a Credit Acquiring Company authorized by the Central Bank of Cyprus with Registration Number HE 378128 (“Gordian Holdings”), in accordance with best practices and in full adherence to applicable current regulatory frameworks and legislations.


Gordian Servicing was established in February 2022 with the intention to  provide a range of capital and management solutions to address legacy NPE and non-core asset exposures, and thereby facilitate the restructuring and growth of the Cypriot and Greek banking systems and broader economies. Gordian Servicing relies on a team  experienced in Cypriot and international distressed debt, real estate, and investment professionals to identify, acquire, and manage investment and new business opportunities.


Gordian Servicing plans to continue to grow its operations and provide services to other third party loan portfolios  in the region.