Table of Commissions and Charges


Except where otherwise stipulated therein, the charges set out in the Table of Commissions and Charges are inclusive of VAT and are as at June 2020.







Copy of account statement / Preparation of documents


For each period statement (irrespective of number of pages]




Fixed Charge for preparing and executing documents, on a borrower level.




Fixed Charge for preparing and filing documents including the registration of new mortgage/s, on a borrower level.

Charges for cancellation of encumbrances


For all cancellation of encubrances.

Interest and Balance Certificate

per borrower, at Auditors' request

€100 plus VAT, as applicable

Annual charge.

€60 plus VAT, as applicable

Additional charge for other extra


Other Certificates

€5, plus VAT, as applicable

Minimum charge.





Loan arrears




Charge of additional interest on

arrears which remains in effect for as long as arrears are outstanding Charged upon termination of



Each month, for the first sixty days

the loan is in arrears.


Each month, after the sixty days that the loan is in arrears.

NOTE: The charges outlined within this Table of Commissions and Charges are subject to change. In particular, Gordian Holdings can increase any of the charges to reflect, or in anticipation of: (a) any new laws, regulations or any changes in or in interpretation of existing ones; (b) any changes to banking and/or credit acquiring companies practices, industry recommendations, including but not limited to the adoption of any voluntary code of practice and any subsequent charges thereto, and any decisions or guidelines given by relevant regulatory, trade or professional bodies; (c) increases in the cost to us of agreeing to offer a service or of making a service available including the cost we pay to others; (d) increased charges made by other servicing companies, credit acquiring companies or financial institutions in the Republic of Cyprus for similar services; (e) increased costs associated with changes in relevant market conditions or relevant technology; (f) any reorganisation of our business as a result of it being acquired by, or our acquiring, another organisation; (g) any events beyond our reasonable control.